Year of the Rooster

In the west coast premiere of Eric Dufault’s New York Times–acclaimed Year of the Rooster, Odysseus Rex is having quite a year. Quite a part of a year, anyway — Odie’s only eight months old. But even at his young age, he’s mad as hell and wants to fight his way to the top. Did we mention Odie’s a rooster?

Odie’s trainer, fast-food cashier Gil, has been raising Odie in a bid to return to the horrific world of cockfighting, his only chance to win at something in life. To get there, though, Gil and Odie have to survive Dickie the cockfight promoter, Gil’s mom, and Philipa, Gil’s young McDonald’s manager who’s got big dreams of her very own.

A gut-busting yet poignant portrait of the price of ambition, this is the must-see show of the fall.

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Press Release: A Cock-Fighting Comedy Kicks off a Season to Crow About (August 15, 2014)

Press photos (all photos by Cheshire Isaacs):

Year of the Rooster

Gil (Anthony Agresti, left) trains his prize rooster Odysseus Rex (Caleb Cabrera) to become a champion fighter in the West Coast premiere of Year of the Rooster at Impact Theatre

Year of the Rooster

Odysseus Rex (Caleb Cabrera) is a fighting rooster who wants to kill the sun in the West Coast premiere of Year of the Rooster at Impact Theatre

Year of the Rooster

Gil (Anthony Agresti, left) trains his prize rooster Odysseus Rex (Caleb Cabrera) to become a champion fighter in the West Coast premiere of Year of the Rooster at Impact Theatre

Year of the Rooster

Gil (Anthony Agresti) sees a bright future in a couple of eggs that may contain future prize-fighting roosters in the West Coast premiere of Year of the Rooster at Impact Theatre

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Impact’s 2014–15 19th season

Year of the Rooster
By Eric Dufault
Directed by Logan Ellis

A no-holds-barred comedy about a cockfighting rooster with some serious identity issues. This is the West Coast premiere of the hit play the New York Times calls “exhilarating” and “astonishingly entertaining,” with one of the best stage fights you may ever see.

The Dragon Play
By Jenny Connell Davis
Directed by Tracy Ward

In this beautiful and searing love story spanning both time and place, humans and dragons have fallen in love. But this is no fantasy — this West Coast premiere is a powerfully told drama by an incredibly talented playwright on the rise. The Austin Chronicle says, “We catch ourselves reflected in the mythical beast’s shining scales, seeing what it is to sacrifice our identity for love and choose the ordinary over the extraordinary.”

Richard III
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Melissa Hillman

For this season’s classic, Artistic Director Melissa Hillman dives into the quintessential portrait of ruthless political greed. As with previous outings, this will be Shakespeare from an Impact perspective: a younger Richard, hungry and ambitious, with a surprising ability to charm both his victims and the audience. If you think House of Cards is good, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

To Be Announced

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Special two-night-only event!
Working for the Mouse

Trevor Allen has delighted audiences and critics alike with his riotously sordid memoir of playing a costumed character at Disneyland. Now Trevor brings Working for the Mouse back to Impact for a very special two-night-only event. Effortlessly shifting between several characters, Trevor weaves a unique coming-of-age tale that reveals just what goes on at The Happiest Place on Earth: sex, drugs, kicks to the crotch, and a social hierarchy among characters in which the lowest people are actually forbidden to speak. A hilarious and moving paean of innocence lost, with a bravura performance by Trevor Allen that is not to be missed. “An uplifting comic tale well told!” SF Chronicle

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