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“Power and rawness and unexpected amount of humor!”
Chicago Tribune

“Unpredictable…not easily forgotten!”
LA Weekly

In this celebrated solo show by E.M. Lewis, Peter Townley plays a surprising character who lays bare Americans’ complicated, contradictory feelings about guns, with a unique perspective that upends common harangues from the opposite poles of the political spectrum.

Telling five true stories that are by turns humorous, touching, harrowing, and heartbreaking, The Gun Show makes audiences realize there are no easy answers in the gun debate. “We have a problem with guns in America,” Lewis writes. “The problem is, we really, really like them.” In stories ranging from a nostalgic look at growing up in rural Oregon — where having a gun around the house is as normal as anything and learning to shoot is a familiar rite of passage — to life-changing episodes of gun violence, Lewis offers an unflinching look down the barrel at the America we live in today. The show received rave reviews and played extended runs in its two previous productions, in Chicago and Los Angeles.

The Gun Show received its world premiere at 16th Street Theater in the summer of 2014, directed by Kevin Christopher Fox, starring Juan Francisco Villa, Ann Filmer: Artistic Director.

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Press Release: A Side to the Gun Debate You’ve Never Seen (September 25, 2015)

Press photos (photos by Cheshire Isaacs):

The Gun Show

Peter Townley tells five true stories about guns, ranging from funny to harrowing to tragic, in the provocative and poignant celebrated solo play The Gun Show by E.M. Lewis at Impact Theatre.

The Gun Show

Peter Townley tells five true stories about guns, ranging from funny to harrowing to tragic, in the provocative and poignant celebrated solo play The Gun Show by E.M. Lewis at Impact Theatre.

The Gun Show

Peter Townley tells five true stories about guns, ranging from funny to harrowing to tragic, in the provocative and poignant celebrated solo play The Gun Show by E.M. Lewis at Impact Theatre.

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