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Melissa Hillman

Artistic Director


Melissa and the column she was given by the Athens Super-Duper Historical Society for being such a badass theatre scholar. You think you got the chops to receive a column like this? We’ll see about that.

Melissa Hillman has been with Impact since its inception in 1996, becoming Artistic Director in 2000. She holds a PhD in Dramatic Art from UC Berkeley, where she was a Pearl Hickman Fellow and was twice awarded the Mark Goodson Prize for Distinguished Theatrical Talent. Melissa currently teaches at CSU East Bay, the Berkeley Digital Film Institute, and the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre. In addition to Impact, she’s also worked with the Magic Theatre, A.C.T.’s MFA program, and Central Works Theatre Ensemble. A Bay Area native, she and her husband met at CSU East Bay as undergrads approximately a brazillion years ago. It’s all a blur now, but they’re pretty sure it was during the Taft Administration. They have two sons, neither of whom are allowed to see an Impact show until they’re teenagers, and if you’ve ever seen an Impact show, you know why.

Melissa would like to close with a quote from the great Mick Napier of Chicago’s Annoyance Theatre: “That is why we call it a ‘play.’ We don’t call it a ‘bore,’ a ‘tedium,’ or a ‘too long.’ So let’s play.”