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Make your own jukebox label!

Hey kids! Ever want your own classic jukebox label?
Well, now you can have one—or a hundred!

jukebox storiesWe had so much fun making our little labels for the poster of Jukebox Stories that we thought you might want to get in on the fun too. So we made a little toy tool you can use to vault yourself, your friends, or your family members into rock & roll immortality. Make as many as you like, and send us screenshots of your best ones. We'll post our faves for the world to see. (Scroll down to see what we have so far.)

How to do it: Just type in your name and your songs below, and voilá—you've got your very own label! Now all that's left is for you to record your hit songs and get them installed on the
jukebox at your favorite local dive bar. But do that on your own time, okay, kid?

(Note: you must have the most recent Flash player to use the jukebox labelmaker.)

Now that you've enjoyed yourself here, find out more about
Impact's world premiere of Jukebox Stories
, Nov 9-Dec 13.

Your classic jukebox labels (keep 'em coming!)

black box theatre
Trevor Allen, Black Box Theatre

Jon Shurkin, SFist