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Seating Policy

La Val's Subterranean is a very small venue with general seating for 59 people. Though every seat is close to the stage, some seats do have slight visibility limitations. Please make sure to get to the theatre early to select the seats you want and have time to order food from the restaurant upstairs. You are not only allowed but encouraged to bring food into the theatre—most seats have small desks attached to them for your convenience. The more beer, the better.

Accessibility: We regret that La Val's Subterranean is not accessible for people who use wheelchairs. There is one flight of stairs of approximately 20 steps; there is no elevator. Service animals are welcome. We do not have assisted-listening devices at the theatre, but we are happy to accommodate an ASL interpreter free of charge if arranged in advance. Please contact us at info at impacttheatre dot com or call 510 224-5744 with any questions or to make arrangements.

Please make sure you attend on the correct date

You would be surprised (we certainly are) how many people attend on the wrong date, i.e., not the date for which they bought their tickets. In such cases we do everything we can to try to get people in, but if that evening is completely sold out, we may not be able to accommodate you, and we can't refund or reschedule you once your date has passed. Please check your ticket confirmation very carefully.

If the show is sold-out

If the show is sold-out, we start taking a waiting list when the box office opens at 7:30pm. You must be there in person to put your name on the waiting list. If someone who pre-purchased tickets hasn't shown up by 8pm, we will let people on the waiting list occupy those seats at least temporarily. However, if the prepaid ticket-holders show up late (a rare occurrence), we will ask the people from the waiting list to vacate those seats. We'll collect admission from people on the waiting list at intermission or after the show if there's no intermission.

If you have extra tickets on the night of your performance

If you have no-shows in your party, we regret that we cannot refund you for those tickets at the door. You're welcome to try to sell them to people at the theatre who did not purchase their tickets in advance.

Late seating in general

Late seating is allowed as long as it does not interfere with the performance. If you arrive late and our house manager is not at the box office, please wait for an appropriate break in the action to find seats.

Late seating—if you've pre-purchased your tickets online

It is Impact's policy to not give away seats that have been prepaid. If the show is sold out and there's a waiting list, and you bought your tickets online but haven't shown up by 8pm, we will let people on the waiting list occupy your seats at least temporarily, but if you show up late we will ask those people to give up your seats. They're yours. That night, anyway.

Late seating—If you have a reservation without pre-purchased tickets (a comp or some other arrangement)

If the show is sold out and there's a waiting list, and you haven't shown up by 8pm, we will cancel your reservation.

A final word

You may have noticed a common thread in these items—people who buy tickets in advance have guaranteed seats and the greatest flexibility. They also pay less than people who pay at the door. So make sure to buy your tickets in advance, and you'll be in great shape.

Thanks for reading all this! You're a hardy soul.